You will love this one. That headline is an actual quote from an Odessa, Texas school official crowing in an email about using curriculum which clearly violates the First Amendment. Shannon Baker, the ECISD director of curriculum and instruction sent out an email after a 4-2 vote approving the curriculum:

YES, WE ARE USING NCBCPS : ) : ) : ) ! HA! Take that you dang heathens!

Now, let’s just put aside the utter irony of that statement. No, scratch that. I love irony. Shannon is calling those who would protect education and teach science heathens, while defending the snake charmers and the dinosaur riders? Can’t get away from that irony.

You can, however, help. Join PFAW in their fight to protect the separation of church and state. Do not let the heathens win! This is not an isolated incident.

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