The LA Times did a great piece this week about

Labeled “a conservative encyclopedia you can trust”, Conservapedia is basically a christian homeschool history teacher’s equivalent to the creation museum.

The LA Times article bashes the site for its poor grammar and spelling as well as for its crazy, biased entries like:

the Pleistocene Epoch “a theorized period of time” ? a theory contradicted, according to the entry, by “multiple lines of evidence” indicating that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old, as described in the Book of Genesis.

Environmentalists “people who profess concern about the environment” and notes that some would want to impose legal limits on the use of toilet paper.

Femininity The quality of being “childlike, gentle, pretty, willowy, submissive.”

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton “may suffer from a psychological condition that would raise questions about her fitness for office” ? namely, “clinical narcissism”

Of course, any press is good press, I suppose, so Conservapedia’s front page has a huge section devoted to the LA Times article- which it claims : “praised our entries on the tuba, Claude Monet, the nation of Latvia, Robin Hood, polygons, and The Renaissance.”


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