I like Mike Bloomberg. I voted for him when I lived in NY- even though he ran as a Republican.

So… Initially I was very happy to hear that Mike B. was leaving the GOP and turning independent.

With an increasingly cacophonous buzz that he’s contemplating an independent run for president despite public pleas to the contrary, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg took a clear step toward that third-party bid on Tuesday by changing his party registration from Republican to “unaffiliated.”

My only concern is that, as an independent, Mike could draw away some votes from Democrats given his very Democratic views on most of the major issues.

It is, of course, very unlikely that Mike will actually enter the race. That’s because Mike, in typical Bloomberg style, has done a lot of research and set up “a four-part test” to determine if “he’ll get into the race”. It goes something like this:

First, both party’s nominees need to have unfavorable ratings at least in the 40s. Second, 70 percent of the nation needs to think the country is headed in the wrong direction, as is the case currently. We’re there right now. Third, at least 60 percent of those polled need to have their minds open to a possible third-party bid. Lastly, 20 percent to 25 percent need to be open to the notion of President Mike Bloomberg. If those four criteria are met, Bloomberg will throw his hat into the ring.

I guess if you want your country run like a business- with measurable goals and objectives- then Mayor Mike is your man.

Does anyone else have an opinion?