Tomorrow at 11am Cliff Arnebeck will hold a press conference in which he’ll put the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and Bill Todd (Big Head Todd to us) and his monsters on notice. From the release:

COLUMBUS ? Ohio public interest attorney Cliff Arnebeck will hold a press conference, at 11 a.m. on Thursday June 21, 2007 at his law office at 1000 East Main St., Suite 102, Columbus, Ohio 43205.

Arnebeck will release and discuss a document to formally put the Ohio Chamber of Commerce on notice to maintain all records related to Ohio Supreme Court campaigns and related expenditures, in anticipation of the filing of a corrupt practices (state RICO) lawsuit against the Ohio and U.S. Chambers of Commerce based upon their pattern of activity, beginning with their attack upon Justice Alice Robie Resnick in 2000, to permanently tilt Ohio Supreme Court elections in favor of candidates.

The Ohio Supreme Court is currently served entirely by GOP Justices.

According to Arnebeck, Chamber affiliated groups spent more than $14 million of illegal corporate money in favor of Republican candidates in the 2000-2004 election cycles.

Last year, a Chamber aligned group, Citizens for a Strong Ohio, dropped the last of repeated appeals filed by Columbus Attorney Bill Todd to Court decisions against them, in what the Plain Dealer described as “a losing fight to overturn repeated rulings in courts and before the Ohio Election Commission that it acted improperly”

So in honor of this event I present to you the following:


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