Nah. Fred Thompson is trying to run as an outsider who will bring change to Washington. That’s the persona he wants to come off as having. There’s a bit of a problem with that. It’s hard to try to run as an outsider when you’ve already been dubbed “The Access Man”. But he’s gonna give it a whirl!

A bit about Fred Thompson’s background and his political views, courtesy of the DNC:

* Thompson spent decades as a lobbyist in Washington. During the 1980s he represented the energy firm Westinghouse in a failed attempt to win billions in federal subsidies. Over the past few years, he has lobbied on behalf of Equitas, a London company seeking to limit liability claims for asbestos-related illnesses. That project has earned him $760,000. The Washington Post even dubbed Thompson the “access man.”

* Thompson has hosted fundraisers for the Scooter Libby Legal Defense Fund, and when Sean Hannity asked if he would pardon Libby, he said Absolutely.

* In an interview last week, Thompson charged that the Roe v. Wade decision was “was fabricated out of whole cloth,” and that it was the worst court ruling in the past 40 years. He went on to equate so-called “late-term” abortions with infanticide, implying that women who undergo the procedure are criminals.

…an outsider bringing change to DC. Right!

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  • RepublicansAgainstFred

    This guy is getting paid to campaign from ABC.

    Why is Fred allowed to be paid by ABC to campaign? What about the equal time? When do all the other candidates get the same opportunity?

    Obviously the guy thinks the American people are fools and wont be the wiser to all his underhanded tactics.

    He is nothing more than a puppet of Roves and if he manages to fool the GOP primary voters into giving him the nomination, the GOP will get creamed in the general.

    If Fred Thompson wins the nomination, I will immediately go out and register as an independent. I can not in good conscience vote for a completly inept candidate.

  • Stop it! You are making me like Fred Thompson more.

  • #1: He had you at hello. You might wanna check out Newsweek, it might sway you back toward Tancredo.

  • I’m no Fred Head- And I think our candidates thus far stink.

    However, atleast Fred Thompson hasn’t been called before a grand jury a few times, or had his law license suspended. And apparently, he isn’t smart enough to turn a $1000 property deal into $100,000.

  • #4: Spot on analysis of your candidates. Spot on.

    I’m hearing some pretty good stuff on Fred that is bound to come out should he actually enter the race. Should be good times.

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