As Eric here at PB mentioned, Rudy Giuliani recently released a set of “12 Commitments to the American People”.

It contains the standard Republican talking points… things like: win the war on terror, end illegal immigration, secure our borders, cut wasteful spending, lead America towards energy independence and, of course, reform the tax code.

This last commitment is one of my favorites: Reform the tax code. Funny stuff, Rudy.

This is one of those standard campaign promises made by every presidential candidate- and carried out my none.

Jimmy Carter promised it- and later conceded “tax reform . . . is, as I have discovered recently, an extremely complicated matter.”

President Bush actually made the tax code MORE complicated. In his speech at the 2004 Republican National Convention he promised a “Rewrite and simplification of Tax Code” but ended up doing the opposite especially for middle class families. According to study by the Economic Policy Institute , “President Bush has made paying taxes more complicated, more time-consuming, and more unfair.”

No big surprise there, I guess. And it’s also no big surprise that Rudy is jumping on the ‘promise things no one really expects you to accomplish’ bandwagon.

It’s worked well in the past- for candidates in both parties- and God forbid someone try something new.