First it was the laughable assertion that RABid blog was a political blog in Ohio which did original reporting. Now Joe shows signs of possible multiple personality disorder in his latest piece. I will point out, however, that Joe is merely commenting on the original reporting of others – so this is really just blogging on dead trees.

Hallett spends 3/4 of his column in a very measured piece about Frankie Coleman and was particularly spot on when he noticed someting that us original reporting bloggers on the left have been saying for years now!

She did not deserve to be referred to by Ohio GOP Chairman Robert T. Bennett as someone of “questionable character.” She didn’t deserve the hate-filled, name-calling headline that always-angry Matt Naugle posted on his right-wing blog.

Not original, but very true.

Hallett goes on to tells us all about Frankie’s achievements and that yes, like the IGs report points out, she was well qualified for the job.

I’m not sure if the paymasters were breathing down his neck too hard or if he just flipped out and pulled an Ed Norton a la Primal Fear on us. The last 4 paragraphs read like another column entirely spliced onto the one you were just reading. It is bizarre. In it, Frankie – who is established to be well qualified for the position – should not have been hired. Why? Cronyism.

So Hallett’s position is you can’t hire anyone you know who is well qualified for positions if you win an election. It’s funny how the winners claim the victors deserve the spoils while the losers claim cronyism. Now, had Frankie been given some 40k/yr. admin position with zero resume, I’d say these claims might be valid. In this case, the claims of political cronyism wreak of political motives themselves. It’s too bad Joe couldn’t get it right.