There’s no excuse for the stolen data story.


There was to be a presser today at 3pm to talk about new developments. The bottom line on this is that the administration fucked up. Plain and simple. Trusting a device with this kind of data on it to a fucking intern is just plain stupid. If the protocol is to have off-site backup, then hire a secure online service to do it for you. Don’t let an intern take a hard drive home in his damned car. That’s just stupid.

Hopefully we find who stole the device and that it’s someone who truly doesn’t know wtf to do with it. What also needs to happen is a complete review of data policy. It’s hard to believe that someone actually wrote down “back it up and give it to that intern kid to take home”, but it appears that is precisely what happened in 2002 when the policy was drafted (so easy on the partisan hits wingnuts!). Up to now we’ve just been lucky. Time to right that policy – and fast.

My message? Tighten the FUCK up! We didn’t elect you guys to let shit like this happen. You should have reviewed all current policies regarding sensitive data and corrected the horribly out of date Republican administration policy right out of the gate!