From the daily archives: Sunday, June 17, 2007

Here are the results from the latest survey by Mason-Dixon for South Carolina’s first-in-the-South 2008 primary:

Barack Obama: 34% Hillary Clinton: 25% John Edwards: 12% Undecided: 24%

According to the survey,

Blacks in South Carolina, who could make up more than half of the party’s primary voters, favored Obama over Clinton 41 percent to 18 percent

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To My Dads

On June 17, 2007 By

Ya, I’ve got two. One who lost me at 4 and one who took me on at that age. Both have shaped my life in ways they both probably don’t realize. Spoke with them both today – both of them are in bad health. I’m at that age when you realize your parents won’t be around forever. Having not contemplated that fact nearly enough, it really sucks!

So whoever and wherever you are – dirty hippies and hate-filled wingnuts included – say hello to your father, your step-father, your adoptive dad, whoever you have. Tell them you love them and […]

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There’s no excuse for the stolen data story.


There was to be a presser today at 3pm to talk about new developments. The bottom line on this is that the administration fucked up. Plain and simple. Trusting a device with this kind of data on it to a fucking intern is just plain stupid. If the protocol is to have off-site backup, then hire a secure online service to do it for you. Don’t let an intern take a hard drive home in his damned car. That’s just stupid.

Hopefully we find who stole the device […]

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WTF is wrong with Joe Hallet?

On June 17, 2007 By

First it was the laughable assertion that RABid blog was a political blog in Ohio which did original reporting. Now Joe shows signs of possible multiple personality disorder in his latest piece. I will point out, however, that Joe is merely commenting on the original reporting of others – so this is really just blogging on dead trees.

Hallett spends 3/4 of his column in a very measured piece about Frankie Coleman and was particularly spot on when he noticed someting that us original reporting bloggers on the left have been saying for years now!

She did not […]

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