Wingnut bloggers are always looking for something to call treason. Bi-partisan trips to Syria is one that comes to mind. You want treason? I’ll give you treason:

WASHINGTON, June 14 ? Senate Democrats, facing their first significant battle over a wide-ranging bill intended to reduce oil consumption, found themselves blocked by Republicans on Thursday and postponed all significant votes until next week.

Filibuster this. Filibuster that. It’s almost like they are pissed the American people spoke and gave the Congress a mandate to move away from disastrous Republican policy.


We’re entrenched in a war in a part of the world we’d give two shits about if it weren’t for our dependence on oil. To filibuster measures to reduce our consumption – and dependence – on oil is stone cold treason.

This is not just a tree hugger versus SUV driver battle here. This is a national security matter. Blocking such is fucking TREASON. Real leadership would recognize the security and environmental reasons for diversifying our energy generation methods. It’s hard to display real leadership when you have a bunch of spoiled brats throwing fits in Congress.

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