This is rich. I was watching a hilarious thread over at RABid blog last night (in which Jerid ran circles around our favorite astroturfing GOP talking point automaton boy Matt). I noticed something kinda odd and jumped in the fray. It seems Matt pays $150/mo for his hosting. No wonder he has to pimp real estate. Nothing wrong with that, we’ve considered defraying costs by offering ad space her on Plunderbund and may still. Difference being they will actually cover our cost (or we’ll have enough left over for the PB Pizza Party) because we won’t overspend on a dedicated hosting solution which is clearly not needed.

See where I recommend such to our friend from the right fringe:

RABid dedicated hosting

Why would someone who gets a few hundred unique visitors a day need an expensive $1500/yr hosting solution? Beats me. Pretty dumb, really, from a purely financial basis. I’ve run Plunderbund on hosting that runs in the $20s for years now – at times during the election getting over 3,000 unique visitors a day. We get several hundred here now and are on a server that has I think over 160 sites. I’ve rarely had any downtime or other problems. Biggest loading problem seemed to be due to YouTube cache problems. Hell, there are even solutions for sites the size of most Ohio political blogs that run in the teens per month.

i also doubt that the other sites Matt hosts take up much bandwidth or get much traffic either:

He has some weird excuse having to do with carbon offset credits and the fact that the good folks at Dreamhost are hippies. Good to hear those fiscal conservative values don’t extend much beyond Matt’s narrow political social views.

I know Tom from Bizzyblog and Matt are buddies. You would have thought he would have showed Matt how to Control his Money NOW!

See why we can’t trust “conservatives”? Because they’re not! They are really a bunch of socially maladjusted individuals who talk one game but play another. Matt is a good example.

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