From the daily archives: Friday, June 15, 2007

Wingnut bloggers are always looking for something to call treason. Bi-partisan trips to Syria is one that comes to mind. You want treason? I’ll give you treason:

WASHINGTON, June 14 ? Senate Democrats, facing their first significant battle over a wide-ranging bill intended to reduce oil consumption, found themselves blocked by Republicans on Thursday and postponed all significant votes until next week.

Filibuster this. Filibuster that. It’s almost like they are pissed the American people spoke and gave the Congress a mandate to move away from disastrous Republican policy.


We’re entrenched in a war in a […]

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Yeah, that’s right – an Ohio man serving 15 to life for murder had his appeal thrown out (and that decision supported by the Supreme Court) because the judge made a mistake.

A narrow Supreme Court majority on Thursday agreed that a lower court properly dismissed the appeal of a man who missed a federal filing deadline by three days because of a federal district judge?s erroneous instructions.

The defendant, Keith Bowles, who is serving a sentence of 15 years to life for murder, had argued that given the judge?s erroneous instruction ? that he had 18 days to […]

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This is rich. I was watching a hilarious thread over at RABid blog last night (in which Jerid ran circles around our favorite astroturfing GOP talking point automaton boy Matt). I noticed something kinda odd and jumped in the fray. It seems Matt pays $150/mo for his hosting. No wonder he has to pimp real estate. Nothing wrong with that, we’ve considered defraying costs by offering ad space her on Plunderbund and may still. Difference being they will actually cover our cost (or we’ll have enough left over for the PB Pizza Party) because we won’t overspend on a dedicated […]

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