Pots calling kettles black. Glass house boys tossing stones. Call it what you will, me old boss Brian over at Progress Ohio blasts Bob Bennett and the rest of the shameful GOP fuckers for their use of Frankie Coleman’s drinking problem for political gain.

Earning the asshat of the week award is Matthew, who calls the Mayor’s wife “Mayor Coleman’s Unqualified Convict Drunkard Wife”. What a little bitch. What Jabba the Naugle and the rest seem to conveniently forget is how many actual Republican officials have gone down the same road as Ms. Coleman. Brian gives us the rundown:

Among Republican Party stalwarts who have been charged with drinking-related offenses are a former Senate President (Stan Aronoff), a former Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives (Larry Householder), two former Columbus mayors (Buck Reinhart and Tom Moody) and two current state legislators (Lynn Wachtmann and Lou Blessing).

So the use of the DUI is pretty low, given the above brittle glass house. This isn’t just all about drinking and driving, which is party blind. It’s also about what Bennett claims is a “growing scandal”. Here is the guy who presided over the party that saw the most corruption in modern Ohio history (and possibly ever) scratching and clawing to be able to make corruption charges. It’s almost funny. Bob’s crew was busy making national news at breakneck speed over the course of the last few years and all but sealing a Democratic victory by all but one lone office holder (Hi Mary!). The big scandal? A politically connected person gets a job. This never. Repeat NEVER happens on Republican’s watch.

Watching Bob Bennet claim the moral high ground is akin to watching Jabba the Naugle being interviewed about blogging ethics. Hilarity ensues.

More details in Brian’s post. A rare glimpse of PO Zen – and not even on a Friday! Bennett is starting to take lessons from Naugle apparently. I thought they told him to tone it down. Instead they both are starting to look like the clowns they are.

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