…and the hits just keep on comin! BSB is hot on the trail of how much Bill Todd, Republican candidate for Mayor of Columbus, resembles the opinions of someone the campaign apparently had doing consulting with them early on. It’s a great question and I can’t wait for the answer. Does Bill Todd also believe that executions should be on live pay-per-view TV? Or maybe Bill also thinks animal owners should be allowed to torture or kill their “property”? I know. Bill Todd agrees with Matt Naugle that importuning should be a crime for which live pay-per-view execution should be the penalty. OK, maybe not. But I bet he does agree that feminism is a tool used by ugly women to gain easier access to the mainstream of society. Or maybe he also thinks it’s OK to say to a girlfriend…awe, nevermind.

All of this from a recent Plundercall&#8482 by Jerid in which he talks to Eric Cameron Forbes, Todd’s political director. That’s one helluva Republican name right there folks – all three of ’em!

Eric on the “pay to say” setup: “you probably noticed Matt has put up a lot of things on his blog…he’s the best.” Huzzah! I sure hope the June 15th filings don’t show a money trail to Matt. That’d be really embarassing. I am hearing that Matt has/is trying to get on board with the campaign. We at Plunderbund think that would be about the best thing to happen since Ken Blackwell ran for Governor!

Too bad Eric didn’t wanna say hi to his friends at BSB. He’s a refresh monkey for sure! So hi to the peeps Eric.

Must listen audio.

(ht ME for the “pay to say” line)