From the daily archives: Monday, June 11, 2007

…and the hits just keep on comin! BSB is hot on the trail of how much Bill Todd, Republican candidate for Mayor of Columbus, resembles the opinions of someone the campaign apparently had doing consulting with them early on. It’s a great question and I can’t wait for the answer. Does Bill Todd also believe that executions should be on live pay-per-view TV? Or maybe Bill also thinks animal owners should be allowed to torture or kill their “property”? I know. Bill Todd agrees with Matt Naugle that importuning should be a crime for which live pay-per-view execution […]

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Question: Is Bill Todd employing Matt Naugle? Jerid says the shoes fit. I think Matt always knew that bobblehead video would come back to haunt him. I never quite thought it would be the shoes, though. If Matt weren’t a “one pair of dress shoes” kinda guy he might have avoided this, but the evidence is pretty damning. It’s hard to mistake those feets and characteristic pant crinkle at the bottom.

The questions asked by Jerid are good ones: What are the financial ties between the two and will they disclose such?

I have a better question: Is […]

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Big Head Todd and the Monsters

On June 11, 2007 By

Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time: Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

Click for larger view. You’ll want to print this out and hang it. Pass it out on High Street even. It’d be fun to see this all around town. Whoever the photoshop artist is, I’m way impressed (and a bit jealous). This is masterful stuff.

Update: From Jerid at BSB who says:

Bill Todd moved to Columbus two years ago. He’s never been elected to anything. He’s never been in charge of any government executive branch. Now Todd wants to […]

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