Bill Kristol is having a fit – he feels that Libby should be pardoned immediately by President Bush.

Will Bush pardon Libby? Apparently not–even if it means a man who worked closely with him and sought tirelessly to do what was right for the country goes to prison. Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino, noting that the appeals process was underway, said, “Given that and in keeping with what we have said in the past, the president has not intervened so far in any other criminal matter and he is going to decline to do so now.”

So much for loyalty, or decency, or courage. For President Bush, loyalty is apparently a one-way street; decency is something he’s for as long as he doesn’t have to take any risks in its behalf; and courage–well, that’s nowhere to be seen. Many of us used to respect President Bush. Can one respect him still?

Well, I guess it’s nice that Kristol finally figured out that “loyalty” to Bush is a one-way street; he’s been throwing people under the bus for the duration of his Presidency to protect himself. Tho I do find it curious that he values “loyalty” more than he does the law. He goes as far as to call this an “injustice”.

I’m sorry Bill, but if you break the law and are fairly convicted in a court of law, criminal penalties are not an “injustice.” We are a nation of laws, not a nation of men, and the law should be held in higher regard than loyalty to men.

[edit: Kristol isn’t the only one. A large number of candidates at last night’s GOP debate said they would pardon Libby.]

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