I know we’ve been discussing this in the comments, but I thought it was deserving of a post. If you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST watch this video from Thursday in which the judge makes Scott Pullins apologize:

And be sure to check out this article in the Mount Vernon News:

Judge Otho Eyster dismissed local attorney Scott Pullins? most recent cyberstalking complaint against Miriam St. Jean, a Mount Vernon woman who has admitted to writing highly critical posts of Pullins on local Internet forums.

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  • Two separate cases. Apology was not connected to cyber stalking case.

  • Good point. Maybe I should have used a period instead of a semi-colon in the title.

    Or maybe I should have written two different posts.

    But I was trying to finish this whole conversation on a happy- and maybe somewhat humorous- note.

    I know that apologizing is not pleasant for anyone- on either side of the apology.

    But it does tend to ease a lot of tension and slow things down a bit.

    In all honesty, I really hope we can move on to more important/serious issues and stop discussing these silly lawsuits.

  • I don’t know Joe, It is sort of funny to watch Senor Troll’s Super Hero sidekick “Pullsit” squirm.

    For being such a big cry baby and electronic bully, he deserves everything he gets.

  • Thanks Joseph.

  • STFU. If you like liberalism so much why don’t you move the the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of Cleveland, to be near your hero, the late (thank-god) AC Buford. Any takers? I thought not.

  • #5: Dave, is that you?

  • Whomever #5 is, he’s clearly insane.

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