Update: Scott Pullins wades into the thread to comment. Stop in and say hi.

Brian takes on Scott Pullins in this week’s edition of “Shadows on High“:

a law license in Ohio is not a club for revenge. The Ohio Revised Code is not designed as an enticement to bully the wives of bloggers, or to settle scores with ideological rivals and political enemies, or even to split hairs over rumor and innuendo.

The Bully of the Blogosphere has to understand that a line is crossed when all he publishes is little more than rumor, or name-calling or unsubstantiated gossip.

Indeed, if Mrs. Pullins is feeling blog fatigue and that is what set her on course last Memorial Day to use her husband?s legal knowledge as a bully club in her phone call and her email ? the fault ?dear Brutus? may lie deep within the dormers of their own eyes.

Nobody is scared of you, Scott. Save some face and make some apologies, my friend. It’s time for you to seriously contemplate making a change in the way you engage others. I think it is pretty clear you can’t sue your way to relevance or make many friends doing same. I hope you’ll consider that.