“Russians Know How to Handle ‘Gay’ Parades”

That’s the headline the kooks over at CovenantNews.com ran for the story about the violence at a Gay Pride parade in central Moscow the other day.

The Gulf Times provides a less-homophobic view:

Russian police detain gays as punches and eggs fly

MOSCOW: Russian nationalists shouting ?death to homosexuals? punched and kicked demonstrators calling for the right to hold a Gay Pride parade in central Moscow yesterday while riot police detained dozens of gay protesters.

Two European parliamentarians were among those held as they tried to present a petition asking Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov, who has called gay marches satanic acts, to lift a ban on the parade.

Nationalists and extreme Russian Orthodox believers held icons and denounced homosexuality as ?evil? while a group of thick-set young men turned up with surgeon?s masks, which they said would protect them from the ?gay disease?.

— full article —

  • That’s AWESOME!!! Great post!

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  • Thanks Eric Vessels for the compliment.

    You are right on point with your remark… It is pretty obvious that I am Awesome!

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