It’s no wonder the wingnut blogosphere attacks Jerid and BSB. They don’t come up with killer ideas like this. They are unimaginative. Dare say even if they did, they wouldn’t follow through with it and make it the success that Jerid is obviously on his way to doing.

The only thing they seem capable of is carpetbombing sycophantic right-wing talking points and talking about how “influential” they are. Hah. Let’s measure influence on results. You got Mary Taylor elected. Congrats. (but I digress)

The BSB NH Project makes The Blogometer today (Obama III section – sucks to have to scroll, but they force us):

Back in NH, BuckeyeStateBlog interviewed Obama’s NH New Media Dir. Ethan Fletcher and explains why Obama won’t make the same mistakes Howard Dean did in ’04: “Exposing a fundamental flaw in Dean’s field strategy, the NH and Iowa primaries showed that the Dean camp had not gotten a grasp on reliable, tangible indicators of his support. Dean hadn’t evaluated his voters; he couldn’t tell if Mrs. Marbury down the block was going to go cast a vote for him, or if he had gotten through to Jim Smathers at the barber shop. Come election nights in Iowa and NH, Deaniacs across the nation had their hearts broken Folks have taken a lesson from the Dean blunder.”

That’s “original reporting” folks. From the front lines. Ask Joe Hallett what kind of sandwich HE had for lunch today at the Elm Street Cafe. Fucker.

I’ve fallen behind a bit following everything Jerid is up to due to work being so hectic, but I’m gonna catch up. Don’t make the same mistake I’ve made. Jerid might be the one who gets to be on the ground in New Hampshire, but we are all witnesses.