Jill gives us the rundown over at Progress Ohio. We’ve covered a great deal about the charter school scam here at Plunderbund and the continued profiteering amidst failure after failure. Jill makes a very good point: charters are not bad in and of themselves. What they’ve been turned into is. Leave it to a bunch of wingnuts and un-checked Republican power brokers to turn something good bad.

Follow the money and understand the arrangement behind the headlines and the political rhetoric. (Graph made at Ohio Money Tree)

Pretty good report on Brennan and White Hat put out by AFT last year (84 page pdf)

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  • I just can’t get over the arrogance and audacity. To say that the opponents of charters are well funded and powerful. That’s absurd. First of all, there aren’t real opponents of charters done right. The issue is the for-profits and the poor performance and failure to hold the charters accountable. Secondly, for any legislator who has received money from David Brennan or any of his family members to not recuse themselves from such rallying without transparency is unethical and borderline immoral.

    Frankly, I’m flabbergasted. I don’t think these ways, I just don’t.

  • Doesn’t surprise me in the least that Husted would use Orwellian language.

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