As you may remember, Speaker Husted (R) recently changed the rules about session-opening prayers after a Minister from Lima used his invitation “as an opportunity to proselytize”.

fessler.jpgBut Rep. Diana Fessler (R-New Carlisle) didn’t like Husted’s decision- so she’s bringing in some lawyers to review the decision. And not just any lawyers. She’s got lawyers on a mission from God: the Alliance Defense Fund, “a legal group formed by 35 ministries in 1994 to advocate for religious freedoms” (from Gongwer).

So why would Diana Fessler challenge Husted on something like this?

She’s a little-known, Republican representative from the 79th whose only claim-to-fame up until now was the fact that she was investigated for accepting gifts and failing to report them. Hell, the woman doesn’t even have an entry in Wikipedia!

The answer, of course, is pretty simple: she was re-elected last year to her fourth term in the Ohio House and, because of term limits, she can’t run again.

In other words, she’s out of a job and looking to make a name for herself.

Good luck with that, Diane.