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Here’s a lovely little story. For a week now, I’ve been hearing that the wife of Scott Pullins, Kathryn Elliott Pullins, has been contacting several bloggers and trying to get them to delete comments and posts, and generally intimidate people into not blogging about Scott – especially in a bad light. I didn’t think much of it until we got a call on Monday.

Phone rings. I pick it up. Female voice. “Is Holly there?”. “Sure, hang on”, I say, figuring it for a massage client or a friend of Holly’s whose voice I didn’t know. I don’t start paying attention until Holly starts raising her voice saying something about not appreciating the caller calling our home and threatening her. The following are several exchanges that Holly and Kathryn had. They are not in chronological order according to Holly and there are other parts of the conversation that happened but are not included here:

Kathryn: You don’t know me, but my name is Kathryn Pullins, I live in Knox County, my husband is Scott Pullins.

Holly: OK

Kathryn: Your husband owns a website called Plunderbund

Holly: Yes

Kathryn: On that website your husband has continually posted things about my husband. Is your husband an attorney?

Holly: No

Kathryn: Are you an attorney?

Holly: No

Kathryn: Do you have a job?

Holly: Yes

Kathryn: Does your husband have a job?

Holly: Yes

Kathryn: Are you homeowners?

Holly: Yes [Eric says: Ladies and gentleman, my wife has spectacular patience]

Kathryn: OK. Well my husband IS an attorney and I have asked your husband to remove a post that is attacking our business, and I have not heard back from him. I am a calling you to let you know that if the post is not taken down, we will file a lawsuit against you, and we can garnish your wages, and your husbands wages, and take your home.

[More in the extended]

Holly: I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t appreciate you calling my home and threatening me and my family with a lawsuit. Don’t call my home and threaten me!

Kathryn: I’m not saying we are going to file a lawsuit, I’m saying we could file a lawsuit I’m just trying to speak to you wife to wife because you and your husband are partners, and you stand to lose everything if he doesn’t remove that post.

Holly: OK. I don’t follow my husbands blog. I have nothing to do with my husband’s blog.

Kathryn: Well he continually allows JOSEPH, who posts anonymously, to post things about my husband, and now he’s attacking our business, and i am sick and tired of this. I’m not going to put up with this anymore.

Holly: OK. Can you please tell me your names again so that i can go back throught the blog and read the threads so that i can be more educated when talking to my husband?

Kathryn: Yes. Our last name is Pullins. P-U-L-L-I-N-S.

Holly: OK. I will go back through and read the posts so that i can know what’s going on. So what you are saying is that JOSEPH recently posted something that you want removed from the site, and Eric has not responded to your email request to remove the posting?

Kathryn: That’s correct. If joseph was man enough to include his email in his post, I would have contacted him directly, but since he’s not, and since your husband owns the blog, it’s his responsibility, and you guys are the one’s that are going to end up getting sued. If not by us, by someone else down the road.

So first off, the supposed offending post is basically a completely fact-based post about a recent job posting. There is absolutely no attack on their business whatsoever. From my reading of it, Joseph is merely giving his opinion as to the nature of the lawsuit against a “cyberstalker” (ie meaningless), and his opinion about Scott (Crazy-Ass Attorney, Esquire). There is ample sarcasm, but the majority of the post is the actual publicly available job posting.

There are several things about this I don’t understand. First and foremost, I never got any email from a Kathryn Pullins. Not one. I’m pretty good at this Internet thing, but responding to emails I haven’t received yet is beyond even my capabilities. Secondly, she COULD have asked for me when she called – having answered the phone myself – and we could have had a civil conversation in which I would have informed her that I would most certainly not remove the post. If she wants to take up negative things being blogged about her husband, my advice would be to take it up with him. Given his past behavior and gutter level political machinations, how could she think there were not people out there who disliked Scott and would actively seek ways to communicate such?

Honestly, I’d say Scott reaps what he sows in this regard and Kathryn would do better to ask him to seek redemption and apologize for past deeds. I know this would be the course I’d take and advice I’d give friends. You can’t go that low and then claim to take the high road and shout victim!

Kathryn decided to pull a punk move and ask ME to speak to my wife Holly and threaten to take our house and garnish my and her wages. I can’t say whether or not Scott put her up to it , but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

This conversation took place 5 MINUTES before we were to leave for a cookout with some of our best friends on a holiday weekend. It seemed to me like pure intimidation and a pathetic attempt to get to me by upsetting my wife. That last part worked. The sight of Holly crying is something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to.

So congratulations. You made my wife cry. Happiness in life is directly proportional to the amount of good you put out into the world. Here’s wishing you both a life of happiness commensurate with your deeds.