The Toledo Blade has an interesting article today about students at a Toledo charter school demanding fair treatment for their teachers.

Their school, like many other Ohio Charter schools, has been horribly mismanaged and the school is in debt.

As a result, the school cancelled teachers’ health insurance, and cut back the hours of other teachers.

The students are demanding that they be able to attend their school next year (i.e. the school won’t be closed) and that their teachers be paid through the summer.


  • Joseph – there was some description of the situation there by a mom of a student who was arrested at the school late last week (not for protesting though) that a friend brought to my attention and I posted about it here. Lisa Renee, who is in Toledo, gave some input too.

  • Thanks Jill!

  • The person with the pink sign should take a class in how to make a short, catchy protest slogan.

  • Or maybe just a bigger sign- with room for more than 8 exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL #3. How about “No Teacher Left Behind!”?

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