…that’s what we always have to do with our kids when it gets late in the day and they get crabby: make sure they get a nap. John was all crabby yesterday and began whining and crying about Iraq War funding:

[Translation: Not having enough money to kill ragheads makes me sad!]

Now, I do want to say this. There is nothing wrong with emotion (though some on the right might argue it signals weakness and would surely pummel any Democrat male seen openly crying), but I can’t help but to wonder about why this particular topic gets John all weepy. I would tend to think one might cry MORE over war itself, or the continuous loss of life that war generates. Weeping because you want more money to make more bombs to destroy more lives seems like a really perverse thing to cry over. Wingnut tendencies do tend to be basackwards though…so I guess it makes sense!

(ht Dave at PO for the video)

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