Rothenberg’s Shadows on High this week is a good one. Brian wonders aloud why our legislature makes time for such pressing things as gay adoption, the distance between patron and stripper, and Wexner Indie films while human trafficking and forced prostitution exists in the state.

Then again, if history is an indicator, we can just forget human trafficking exists and move on to gay adoption or unrated, independent films at the Wexner or whatever the evangelicals choose next in our never ending quest for ?salvation-legislation.?

Salvation legislation. That’s a good line. Brian also points out that now that the legislature has taken care of their evangelical masters it is time to appease the gun lobby via HB 225, which among other things, removes any requirement incumbent upon a heat packer to inform an approaching police officer.

Brian thinks it ironic that while we can’t carry hair gel on a plane, we can carry a .45 under our coat without telling the cops. I think it makes perfect sense given that we must be ready for the terrorists when they invade our shores. Sheesh. Maybe that was so simple he couldn’t see it…

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