Sure, I say I’m going away for the weekend and then something cool happens. Two things really. One, I’m deep in a big poker tourney, and Jerid is spotted on the MSM scene. This is pretty cool. WCAX in Burlington VT gives a mention to Buckeye State Blogger Jerid Kurtz and his ongoing work covering the ’08 Prez Primary.

Stump speeches on the road to the White House don’t seem to have changed much since the days of the old whistle stops.

But look closely, and you’ll see bloggers like Jerid Kurtz.

“I can pretty much post as soon as the event’s over, just pull it off my camera and put it up,” Kurtz said. He’s shooting video of presidential candidates in New Hampshire, posting them online on his own blog and on the video sharing site YouTube.

“All the campaigns really have to be on their toes,” he said,”because they never know when someone who has a blog is going to be around with a video camera to catch something they may not necessarily mean to say or mean at all.”

Kurtz is evidence of how campaigns are changing in the internet age.

Good stuff. Keep it up Jerid. I hear he has some good stuff coming with Tommy Thompson as the victim!

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