From the daily archives: Friday, May 25, 2007

Big ups proper Sir Rodigan mahn. Look eat up if ya wahn know.

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Sure, I say I’m going away for the weekend and then something cool happens. Two things really. One, I’m deep in a big poker tourney, and Jerid is spotted on the MSM scene. This is pretty cool. WCAX in Burlington VT gives a mention to Buckeye State Blogger Jerid Kurtz and his ongoing work covering the ’08 Prez Primary.

Stump speeches on the road to the White House don’t seem to have changed much since the days of the old whistle stops.

But look closely, and you’ll see bloggers like Jerid Kurtz.

“I can pretty much post as soon […]

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Checking Out For The Weekend

On May 25, 2007 By

I’m not sure about other Plundermonkies, but I’m going to be checking out here for the long weekend. The only thing I have promised to myself was to write about my recent trip to Zen Mountain Monastery. Possibly a few other things, but the weekend will be filled mostly with a spring goodwill party featuring mojitos and chocolate martinis, The Asian Festival (my Shakuhachi sensei will be performing), and a cookout with some of our best friends.

Have a fun and safe weekend!

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…that’s what we always have to do with our kids when it gets late in the day and they get crabby: make sure they get a nap. John was all crabby yesterday and began whining and crying about Iraq War funding:

[Translation: Not having enough money to kill ragheads makes me sad!]

Now, I do want to say this. There is nothing wrong with emotion (though some on the right might argue it signals weakness and would surely pummel any Democrat male seen openly crying), but I can’t help but to wonder about why this particular topic gets […]

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Rothenberg’s Shadows on High this week is a good one. Brian wonders aloud why our legislature makes time for such pressing things as gay adoption, the distance between patron and stripper, and Wexner Indie films while human trafficking and forced prostitution exists in the state.

Then again, if history is an indicator, we can just forget human trafficking exists and move on to gay adoption or unrated, independent films at the Wexner or whatever the evangelicals choose next in our never ending quest for ?salvation-legislation.?

Salvation legislation. That’s a good line. Brian also points out that now that the […]

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