The late Rev. Jerry Falwell? He was exactly like a Hummer H2. Oh yes he was. Bloated, arrogant, offensive to millions and deeply wrong in a thousand ways and yet blindly worshipped by a shockingly large and happily uninformed throng of devout minions for no other reason than he was, well, bloated, arrogant and wrong.

Mark Morford opines on the apparent death of the H2, as sales continue to plummet. But, despite the drop off in sales of what might be considered the flagship SUV, overall SUV sales are up. Way up. Despite gas prices that make me shudder when I go to fill up my Civic. Lots of theories as to why, but I think I like this one best:

Or perhaps it’s a remnant of the careless Boomer worldview, that all-American, use-it-before-it’s-gone attitude that spins on an axis of a truly horrible irony: The more we learn of our desperate environmental straits, the more we learn of dwindling oil reserves and the more we learn that our shiny happy United States might not be the responsible, beneficent global superpower we once dreamed it was, the more we say “screw it” and grab onto the last gasp of pleasurable excess and vice no matter the future repercussions, telling ourselves we might as well enjoy that stupid, chromed-out three-ton GMC Yukon Denali before the oil runs out and the terrorists eat my babies and the damn liberals change the laws and make us all drive Smart cars to the Tofu Hut in order to turn us all gay. Sound familiar?

Sigh. You know, my mom managed to handle working and grocery shopping and taking my brother and I to soccer practice back in the 80’s in a frickin’ station wagon.

[Note: I totally swiped the transformer graphic from Bryan at BSB!]