Update: That was fast. I hear the Obama camp gave Jerid a call and he’s setting up events with them, Edwards, and some others. Look forward to it!

As many of you might know, our friend and caretaker of the Buckeye State Blog Jerid Kurtz has been in New Hampshire for going on a week now. So far he’s brought us an incredible video of Tim Ryan’s “be the change” speech, an exclusive interview with same, video of a John Edwards speech (forgiving the lame copycat claims), a great look at the Clinton HQ, Vilsack on Ohio voting and Ted, and funny outtakes about PB&J lunches in the park. All great stuff and so far worth having a buckeye transplant up that way.

However, you notice anything missing?

Did you say Barack Obama?

I thought you did.

I noticed that too. Not a single piece about Obama, his staff, his HQ, or conversations in barbershops – not to mention video of any speeches. Is he not there? Is he that hard to find?

I surely hope the Obama camp is not giving Jerid a hard time getting access. That would be a shame given the great relationship the Ohio ‘sphere and the Obama campaign have had since last year’s state dinner.

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