From the daily archives: Thursday, May 24, 2007

Matt Dole gets invited to be an attack dog for OH18 on the NRCC’s “The Real Democrat Story” blog. Makes perfect sense. His blog has been typically known to follow the party line. The bad thing is he’s pretty bad at the attack dog thing. His big revelation on a “follow the money” post is that Democrat’s PACs give to other Democrats!


Weak. Zack ought to be able to defend the seat against this kind of claptrap, that’s for sure. Matt says taking PAC money isn’t wrong in and of itself. Right. Just when Democrats […]

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Update: That was fast. I hear the Obama camp gave Jerid a call and he’s setting up events with them, Edwards, and some others. Look forward to it!

As many of you might know, our friend and caretaker of the Buckeye State Blog Jerid Kurtz has been in New Hampshire for going on a week now. So far he’s brought us an incredible video of Tim Ryan’s “be the change” speech, an exclusive interview with same, video of a John Edwards speech (forgiving the lame copycat claims), a great look at the Clinton HQ, Vilsack […]

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via email from my friends at America Votes:

We hear it from the news, elected officials and our kids ? there are problems with Ohio?s schools that range from inadequate funding to classrooms being too full. Join America Votes, ProgressOhio, coalition partners and allies for a community forum on education.

We are bringing in the experts to talk about our schools and to answer your questions. Join us next Thursday, May 31st from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

Confirmed Speakers Are:

* Darold Johnson, Government Affairs Director of the Ohio Federation of Teachers
* […]

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So, the Ohio GOP (and the right-wing blogosphere) is apoplectic over SoS Brunner’s plan to encourage HS graduates to register to vote, and specifically, the counties targeted for the pilot test run of the program. The gist of the complaint is that of the 5 pilot counties (Knox, Lucas, Montgomery, Scioto, and Trumbull), only one (Knox) has more registered Republicans than Democrats. OK… so what?

The reason these counties were chosen is that four of the five are all below the state average in percentage of citizens registered to vote, and the fifth (Montgomery) is right […]

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The late Rev. Jerry Falwell? He was exactly like a Hummer H2. Oh yes he was. Bloated, arrogant, offensive to millions and deeply wrong in a thousand ways and yet blindly worshipped by a shockingly large and happily uninformed throng of devout minions for no other reason than he was, well, bloated, arrogant and wrong.

Mark Morford opines on the apparent death of the H2, as sales continue to plummet. But, despite the drop off in sales of what might be considered the flagship SUV, overall SUV sales are up. Way up. Despite gas […]

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First I want to congratulate Mary and Heather her lesbian partner on the birth of their new son. This is great news. I do want to point out, however, that this puts us all at risk for another 9/11 type attack – at least according to recently deceased Christofascist Jerry Falwell.

Nice photo with the proud new parents…er…um…I mean grandparents. They look very proud. What a burden Republicanism must be for them.

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Following on the heels of Bush declassifying reports on bin Laden and activities in Iraq so he could make a speech to the Coast Guard Academy, we now have a new strategy in the works. Yes, yet a new strategy.

Guess what this one includes? Negotiating with the terrorists! I shit you not:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The U.S. military is joining forces with the State Department to prepare a new Iraq strategy that includes negotiating cease-fire and power-sharing agreements with some enemy combatants, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

File under YGBFKM please. I can’t wait to see the cries from […]

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