Are you a recent law school grad?

Do you live anywhere near Mount Vernon, OH?

Do enjoy working on meaningless lawsuits against cyberstalkers?

Then maybe, if you’re lucky, you can go to work for Scott A Pullins, Crazy-Ass Attorney, Esquire

Employer: Scott A. Pullins Ltd. LPA
Organization Type: Law Firm
Job Title: Collection Attorney
Description: We are starting up a collection department and need someone to head up the department.
Job Location: Ohio-Central
Job Schedule: FullOrPart
Compensation: Contingency
Accepting resumes from: Recent Graduates Experienced Graduates
Employer Contact Information:
110 E. Gambier St.
Mount Vernon, OH, 43050, USA
Contact Person: Kathryn Elliott Pullins
Fax: See Ad
Web site:
Date Posted: 04/13/07 Date Updated: 04/16/07
Date Expires: 05/13/07
Source: University of Akron School of Law
Listing Number: 134120

  • Damn … not a lawyer AND the job listing has expired.


  • pete rose’s bookie

    I’m not a “lawyer” like Sir Scott Pullins Esquire and I do not enjoy sueing people, but I’ve broke a few knees in my time…
    Maybe Mr. Skinhead needs his knees checked. I recall a little comment he made about calling Ted Strickland gay and a member of NAMBLA!

    I won’t call his [bleep] wife Kathryn Elliott Pullins either. I would say she is cheating on him like he said about Barbara Sykes but I know that even hard up WINEOS wouldnt [bleep]

    [Note: Comment severely edited due to disparaging comments about Scott’s wife that were unnecessary]

  • pete rose’s bookie

    I’m not calling his [bleep] wife! She might get the wrong message if you know what I mean!

    [Note: Comment edited due to disparaging comments about Scott?s wife that were unnecessary]

  • pete rose’s bookie

    Don’t call his wife, she will get the wrong idea. That is unless you like [bleep].

    [Note: Comment edited due to disparaging comments about Scott?s wife that were unnecessary]

  • I’ve never met Mrs. Pullins but I’ve seen pictures

    She’s certainly not a supermodel- but I’m not sure she is deserving of all of these negative comments.

  • curious mind

    Guys – leave Mrs. Pullins alone – none of us have a beef with her – if she chooses to be married to someone like Scott, that’s her choice; if she chooses to allow him to tell her how to answer deposition questions, that’s up to her…if she chooses to allow him to script a video, and tell her what to do and say in that video, that’s her choice. We all make choices. We all make our beds, and lie in them.

    As far as the article about Scott looking for help? A collection attorney? On a contingency basis? I doubt anyone answered. And perhaps those remotely interested discovered the identity of his other partners, spoke to them, and ran for the hills.

    Who knows.

    Scott, Kathy, Steve Elliott, Margaret Elliott – see ya tomorrow

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