In what is probably the most irresponsible blog title of the week, BARN’s “Veganism Kills” parrots Glenn Reynolds – who parrots Nina Planck who wrote “Death by Veganism” in the NYT. All of them miss the point entirely. Instead of focusing on the tragedy of a 6 month old starving to death and holding the parents responsible, we get cheap political points aimed at justifying one diet lifestyle over another. That it didn’t occur to any of the writers that it is possible to be vegan and provide proper nutrition to a baby speaks volumes about the intent of their commentary.

A political agenda is sometimes blind from the facts. The fact is that these parents were negligent and a vegan diet is no more responsible for the death of this baby than an SUV is responsible for an traffic accident (something the right takes great pains to point out in news story after news story).

I don’t follow a vegan diet, but I know bullshit when I smell it.

Some would even claim that “Veganism is a colossal arrogance“. As opposed to the arrogance of dominion over the animal kingdom and egocentric paternalism that goes along with killing other living things to sustain ones own life? Uh huh. OK.