From the daily archives: Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Damn near OGT:

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Rod Parsley, televangelist and religious charlatan, flew to Lynchburg, VA in his private jet on Sunday to attend Jerry Falwell’s funeral the following day.

It’s just too bad Mr. Parsley didn’t plan his trip for a week earlier… maybe he could have used the magical power of prayer to heal Mr. Falwell and prevent his death (assuming Jerry made a large enough donation to Parsley’s church.)

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Strickland announced today that he doesn’t want beer and wine served at the state fair.

I’m guessing this probably won’t impact his Sixty-eight percent approval rating ( “the highest initial gubernatorial approval rating recorded by the Ohio Poll in its 26-year history” ) – but it still puzzles me.

You can buy beer at other summertime destinations (Cedar Point, Kings Island, etc) and at other outdoor events (ComFest in Columbus, Rib Cookoff in Cleveland).

Why not offer limited sales of Ohio wines and beers for State Fair visitors too?

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Some Husseins Get a Pass

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Such a very nice and positive story from Bizzy. I’m thankful that he didn’t make fun of the kid. He tends to do that to folks with Hussein as part of their name.

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Are you a recent law school grad?

Do you live anywhere near Mount Vernon, OH?

Do enjoy working on meaningless lawsuits against cyberstalkers?

Then maybe, if you’re lucky, you can go to work for Scott A Pullins, Crazy-Ass Attorney, Esquire

Employer: Scott A. Pullins Ltd. LPA
Organization Type: Law Firm
Job Title: Collection Attorney
Description: We are starting up a collection department and need someone to head up the department.
Job Location: Ohio-Central
Job Schedule: FullOrPart
Compensation: Contingency
Accepting resumes from: Recent Graduates Experienced Graduates

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Death by Veganism?

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In what is probably the most irresponsible blog title of the week, BARN’s “Veganism Kills” parrots Glenn Reynolds – who parrots Nina Planck who wrote “Death by Veganism” in the NYT. All of them miss the point entirely. Instead of focusing on the tragedy of a 6 month old starving to death and holding the parents responsible, we get cheap political points aimed at justifying one diet lifestyle over another. That it didn’t occur to any of the writers that it is possible to be vegan and provide proper nutrition to a baby speaks volumes about […]

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What’s wrong with this picture:

WHITE HOUSE (AP) – Trying to defend his war strategy, President Bush has declassified intelligence asserting that Osama bin Laden ordered a top lieutenant in early 2005 to form a terrorist cell that would conduct attacks outside Iraq, and that the U.S. should be the top target.

Renew the “why haven’t we caught or killed Osama?” question in the news cycle? Fine by me! Who is giving advice these days? The thinking is that this will prove the case for staying in Iraq because if we leave it will be a haven for terrorist […]

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Last night over at BSB, bryan had a nice post about how the proposed changes in the concealed carry law (as pointed out by Jill) would make it easier to carry a concealed weapon than to vote.

Ignoring the irony that the wingnuts work like hell to restrict people’s right to vote while working to allow unfettered access to firearms, there is a legitimate public safety issue here.

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If you’ve noticed an absence of over-the-top posting by our favorite foaming at the mouth RABid boy Matt Naugle, it could be because he got called on the carpet. Word on the street is that Matt has made some in the GOP party ranks a bit nervous because of how far out there he gets. I’m hearing he was called and told to ratchet it down a notch. Maybe even two. Some are even hoping that when he goes back to school he’ll just go away for good.

This would be good advice – and wishful thinking. Maybe the […]

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Nope, not protestors of his hate filled agenda. It was a supporter!

The student, 19-year-old Mark D. Uhl of Amissville, Va., reportedly told authorities that he was making the bombs to stop protesters from disrupting the funeral service. The devices were made of a combination of gasoline and detergent, a law enforcement official told ABC News‘ Pierre Thomas.

Sounds about right. This kid embodies all that Jerry was about. Free speech? Nah. Tolerance? Nah. Molotov Cocktails hurled at the non-believers? Damn skippy!

In other interesting news. None of the ’08 prezzies made it to the funeral. All too […]

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