the Creation Museum is Natural History-style “museum”, complete with dinosaur animatronics and a special-effects theater, that attempts to prove “the Bible?s authority in geology, biology, anthropology, cosmology, etc.”

Yes. That’s right! A museum that teaches our children the Earth is 6000 years old and Adam and Eve hung out with the dinosaurs. It has great exhibits like this one:

A dinosaur peeing on a tree in the Garden of Eden.

They are opening next weekend (memorial day) in Kentucky, just south of Cincinatti.

Anyone up for a field trip?

  • dirtgirl

    I am so there.

  • I’d be up for it. This opening has been a highly anticipated event among friends of mine. Good times.

  • I’m thinking about going and writing something up about it.

    Think they’ll allow pictures? I plan to take a map of Iraq and ask them whether they think coalition forces have bombed the site that once was the garden of Eden, and how they feel about that.

    By the way, typical northern Ohioan, misspelling Cincinnati.

  • #3: Sounds like we are building up to a fieldtrip. LOL at the spelling comment. Cinnccinnatti is not hard to spell!

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