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At the start of each session, the Ohio House of Representatives has a ‘guest pastor’ perform the invocation (a short prayer) prior to reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The text of the prayer is supposed to be submitted, in writing, 72 hours in advance. As of Wednesday, this rule will be enforced.

That’s because the Reverend Keith Hamblen, pastor of Calvary Bible Church in Lima, provided an invocation on Wednesday that offended many members of the house- Republican and Democrat alike.

Hamlen, the former principal of the Lima Christian Academy and current Executive Director of the Buckeye Christian School Association, […]

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The James Comey testimony yesterday was brutal. It spun the tale of a late-night run to get a sick man in a weakened state to re-authorize a program of illegal warrantless wiretapping.

View some of the testimony (8 min):

PBS has transcripts, audio, and video as well.

Then-Attorney General John Ashcroft had just undergone emergency gallbladder surgery at George Washington University Hospital, and Comey was serving as acting attorney general. At that same time, White House officials were seeking Justice Department recertification of the secret domestic wiretapping program conducted by the National Security Agency.

Comey said he and […]

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Speaking of congressional candidate news, Baker over at OH02 has a post up about Steve Black getting in the race – complete with audio from another one of his exclusive interviews (scooping even other candidates, which twists Jim Parker’s drawers a bit). That’s some Baker right there.

There’s also good stuff over there about the petition against bringing more nuke waste to Pike County. Progress Ohio with the assist on the petition. It looks like those against this move might have to fight both Ds and Rs alike. When they both fail ya, go populist baby!

Update: […]

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Hell-E-Tubby: Eh Oh!

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Though I don’t take up the question whether or not the recently deceased Jerry Falwell is currently residing in heaven or hell, some do:

Cartoon created by the very talented Matt Bors. He also designed a certain T-shirt that a buddy of mine really likes.

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Time gets the exclusive excerpt of the new Gore book which was announced over a year ago. It was thought then that it would produce more speculation on Al’s run for President in ’08 and that might happen. My guess is the smart money is on him not getting in the race. I think at this point the field is too crowded with too much talent and Al knows his high draft status window has come and gone.

He also seems to realize that being the Prez isn’t the only way to get things done and is on […]

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Former lefty who is now a “temporary ally” to neocons blasts the recently departed Jerry Falwell:

3:02 mark:

Cooper: Whether you agree or not with his reading of the bible, you don’t think he was sincere in what he spoke?

Hitchens: No. I think he was a conscious charlatan, and bully, and fraud. I think if he had read the Bible at all – and I would doubt that he could actually read any long book…at all – I would think he did so in the most hucksterish…as we say “bible pounding” way.

(ht AMERICAblog) Also from […]

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