I guess since Bizzy takes a shot at me (ostensibly for something I didn’t write), and shuts down comments – I’ll comment here. First off, I asked Brian to blog here and I’m not in the habit of trying to police that. I don’t have to agree with him always or with Joe either – or anyone else I invite to blog on PB. In fact, I find it healthy to not have 3 or 4 Eric’s all blogging like me. I stand by his right to blog in his own way and with his own voice.

As for the content of the post you refer to, I happen to agree with Brian that Falwell was not in any way doing the Lord’s work – from what I understand of the teachings of Christ (I was raised in a Catholic family). I did not comment on the question of heaven or hell because I don’t take up such question in my practice.

On keeping company with the likes of Fred Phelps, I’m on record as opposing about everything they are about. Seems to me that Falwell’s brand of contempt for the gay community would line up pretty well with “God Hates Fags”, but hell I can’t figure any of these groups out. Who knows?

I completely stand by statements I’ve made highlighting hatred that Jerry spewed and sarcastically thanking him for everything. I’ll also stand by having wished him whatever peace his life’s work affords him. He deserves that.

I do find it funny that those who go absolutely apoplectic on other 9/11 conspiracies would defend a guy who thought feminists and pagans were somehow responsible for the towers coming down.

Nice update on your post. I kinda like proprietor. I like decider better, but proprietor will do.

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