Retired General John Batiste had his consulting arrangement with CBS terminated due to his participation in a recent VoteVets ad. Think Progress notes the numerous excuses and backtracking that followed the announcement. They either can’t get their story straight or they never had one.

Keith Olbermann discussed this recently with the general and it seems clear that the Republicans are out to eat their own in their orgy of a power scramble. Not only can you not be anti-war. You can’t even be pro-war to a different tune than the administration. It’s laughable and an indication that some of us on the lefty side of the blogosphere might be right: these guys are going to sink further and further into their self dug graves of neocon fantasyland. It’d be funny if it hadn’t already damaged our country and threaten to damage it even more. I wish there were more principled Republicans who would stand up and tell it like it is and accept the fact that the neocons and christofascists have taken their party hostage and vow to take it back.

But then again part of me hopes that will never happen and that they only keep cycling downward in a voracious race to the bottom. They are good at it as evidenced by this last primary debate – and they’ve got enough fans to stay at it given the applause (in S. Carolina anyways).

Tell CBS to cut the shit and renew their consulting arrangement with the good general by joining me in adding your name to the list! Thanks to for the petition and to for the heads up!

Sign the petition and demand that CBS re-hire General Batiste

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