Email from Earl Britt tonight announcing the launch of Paperwork filing and fundraising apparatus online is being set up. The site is sparse as newly launched ones usually are. Look for more coming out of the 16th soon. I look for John to run a really good race. Good stuff.


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  • Eric,

    Thanks for the mention. Yes, of necessity, we will be rolling out the site in stages.

    This race is going to blow up in the biggest way. I think polling shows that most Americans have gotten sick of chickenhawk neo-con ideology AND the rubber-stampers who enable their agenda. They will tolerate no more “business as usual.”

    John Boccieri is the perfect challenger for this seat. John’s personal integrity and gravitas, along with his strongly held beliefs and values, will make this a great pick-up opportunity. Combined with the other strong challengers that are emerging, 2008 is going to be a bare knuckles brawl in O-Hi-O.

    I hope everybody is ready…


    Earl Britt

  • The only thing I mentioned in a reply email to Earl was that I didn’t know which district was involved – I take responsibility for that, but there was no mention whatsoever in the communication. Chris Baker and others have done great lists about how to communicate with bloggers and others. I’d URGE the PR/campaign folks to be sure that there is a static tagline in every single email they send out to friend or foe that IDs the race involved. For knuckleheads like me who live in Ohio for 18 years and still don’t much about the rest of the state.

  • …or you could click over to the website and read it twice on the home page. 😉

    But yes, good suggestion in terms of boilerplate. We pay attention, but not all of us are complete junkies with districts memorized and demographics coming out our ears.

    I did a list a while back about rules for online comms, but it was more general than a specific guide or how-to (hit “Rules” at the top of PB). Time to dust that one off for some updates. Might even be nice as a semi-closed wiki.

  • Thanks, Eric. Earl and I exchanged some emails, and the OH16 is there now. 🙂

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