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This is HUGE:

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Heralded prospect Patrick Patterson made the wait worthwhile by committing to Kentucky on Wednesday, the last day of the monthlong spring signing period. He picked UK over Duke and two-time defending national champion Florida.

Bluegrass hoops is on the way back up:

Patterson and another spring recruit, guard Alex Legion, give UK its customary top-shelf talent, according to Oettinger, who works for the Prep Stars recruiting service.

See ya’ll in mid-November!

PS: Skilz!

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Weasels drive me nuts. Weasel words are their preferred form of communication. Here’s a rule in politics: If you hear a word or phrase that you haven’t heard before it is because the politician does not want to honestly answer a question they have been asked and need to invent a word or phrase in order to give a non-answer yet still appear to have answered it.

Case in point: “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

Question GOPers are asked: “Are you against torture of an enemy combatant or prisoner of war”

True answer: “No, we should torture the hell out of the […]

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$21 to live on for a week. Check out the blog for the items he was able to get and a copy of the receipt. The thing I think we can get out of this is to be able to mentally put ourselves in others shoes in order to understand the challenges they face and come up with solutions based on that understanding. Too often we just consider our positions and don’t stop to consider that everyone is not like us, yet in the end they are us.

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The latest ad:

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Ron Paul Wins!

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Too damned funny:

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Ron Paul then comes in a close second in the end to Romney. Rudy not the frontrunner if you ask Fox News texters. I’m hearing they’ve been fumbling about trying to downplay the accuracy of their own poll all morning. Too funny.

The takeaway might be that principled positions like Paul’s stand on the war and McCain’s stand against torture are what wins over voters…not 5 year old jingoistic fearmongering screeds. Has the Rupert Murdoch liberal bias already begun to creep in?. Or maybe it’s this.

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I love me some Chris Baker. Dude is what got me blogging, so there’s a soft spot built in. He has a post up about Republican Auto-Erotic Cannibalism. Here is how to read it:

First: Let “Auto-Erotic Cannibalism” stew for a bit. I promise it’ll be like chilli – way better the longer you let it sit. Yes, he needs to add another “n”, but don’t be a spelling homer. You can’t claim misspelling unless there are at least two words per sentence misspelled in at least every other paragraph. It’s a rule. Lay off him.

Second: Now. Read […]

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Silent Beats, a USC student film project:

Let’s not make an ASS out of U and ME.

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