Hilarious redub of an old union commercial. How can conservatives not see the value of unions? This commercial should make that value obvious. (If language and a rough-and-tumble Jersey style make you clutch your pearls, best not give this one a listen.)

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  • Innit, tho? This thing slays me.

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  • Conservatives don’t oppose unions, just as conservatives don’t oppose the right to peacefully assemble. But what is offensive is when they are granted legal protections and given control of a business, capital, or property that they do not own.

    it is time for Ohio to become a right to work state [edited – no pimpin’ in the comments please, unless it relates to the discussion. check the user agreement.]

  • But Matt. Wasn’t it funny that he said “we plug up the holes in the roads so ya don’t fuck up ya cah”? Shit man. Get a life.

  • #4: So what? Your view of unions is a water cooler club? Fine to have a union and all but the hell with being able to have any sway. LOL.

    Conservatives HAVE restricted the right to peacefully assemble. They call it “security”.

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