Did anyone see this in the conservative main stream media? (Of course you didn’t)

In a May 3 article, the Anamosa Journal-Eureka (Jones County, Iowa) reported: “Deb and Jerry VonSprecken of Olin received a call from former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s campaign office asking them if they would be interested in holding a campaign rally on May 4, after she had donated to his campaign.” According to the article, the VonSpreckens, who “have a modest 80 acre farm and raise cattle,” agreed to the proposal and prepared for a 75-100 person rally. However, according to Deb VonSprecken, the Giuliani campaign later canceled the event, telling her: “I’m sorry, you aren’t worth a million dollars and he is campaigning on the Death Tax right now.”

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Anamosa Journal-Eureka article, which has this:

?I invited him into my home,? Deb said of Giuliani, fighting back tears.

She said she then got a call from New York later the same day asking her to introduce Giuliani at a rally in Cedar Rapids, also scheduled for May 4. They offered her one-on-one time with Giuliani and to have her photo taken with him.

?My feeling is that they?re trying to cover their butts,? said Jerry.

?I may go and give him a piece of my mind, but I?m not going to introduce him,? Deb included.

Preparations had already been put in place for traffic control and bleachers and Deb?s mother, sister and niece were planning to fly from Texas to meet Giuliani.

?Now they pull this,? Jerry exclaimed. ?It?s really sad that we aren?t good enough because we aren?t millionaires.?

?This is a horrible retraction we?re having to make. I?m in a state of shock, very hurt and embarrassed. I don?t understand why they don’t want to talk to normal people,? she concluded.

Seems a bit more of an injustice than an expensive haircut but that seemed to get harped on for days on end. Just so we are clear here: Republicans (unless they are like embattled John McCain who is sniffing around the floor for table scraps) don’t care about you unless you are rich. Surprised? Nah…