Matt uses Bill Todd’s recent “tear down that mall” comment as a jumping off point to toss veiled racism around. Aside: can we stop with the Ronnie pimpin’ already? Bill is jumping up and down and blaming Coleman for the demise of City Center and is using the blame game to score political points. Matt does as well, and tosses in a bit of veiled racism:

For those of you who haven’t had the displeasure of being inside the City Center Mall, you should be glad you haven’t wasted your time. Well over half of the stores inside are closed down… And the few shops that are open include a tattoo parlor and clothing stores full of ghetto chic oversized clothing. I honestly don’t feel safe inside that mall, and business owners would be foolish to try to set up shop inside of that environment.

LOL. Baggy pants Matt. BOO!

The five months I spent at Progress Ohio I ate lunch probably every other day at the mall. Didn’t even get shot. You figure with concealed carry Matt might feel safe everywhere he goes, but the word probably hasn’t gotten out to the baggy pants yet. What Matt is really saying is that there are lots of black people in the Mall that scare him. There are also a slew of statehouse peeps who take lunch there as well. Sure, you can score some bling if you are so inclined, but you can also score some vitamins from GNC, some flowers, and some books from Waldenbooks. Those books are privatized even, not the evil library kind!

Now, here’s the thing that Bill Todd won’t mention and neither will Matt. Care to guess what was on the third floor of the City Center Mall until recently? Harte Crossroads – a charter school that cost the taxpayers $3.3 million dollars before finally closing down last month. I remember seeing the kids in the mall and thinking it was an odd space for a learning environment. Turns out it was much, much worse than I thought.

So charter schools are in part to blame for a vacant City Center…and Matt is scared of the very people he thinks charters schools might help. You owe it to yourself to read the entire article. It will leave you like Matt in a TV interview – speechless:

Dead schools’ debt mounts

Matt’s Scary City Center Guide in the extended…

PS: Here’s a listing of some other really scary stores in City Center [thanks to Matt for the list]:

Amy’s Hallmark (free speech! yikes!)
Bath & Body Works (sell ingredients you can make a bomb out of)
Carpe Diem Dermal Art Studio (speak English this is U.S. and A!)
Champs Sports (sell criminal getaway vehicles)
Children’s Place, The (kids – can’t trust ’em)
Macy’s (those big balloons scare the SHIT outta me!)
Radio Shack (once again: bombs)
Sbarro (Al Qaeda word meaning “poison”)
Steak Escape (underground railroad for prison escapees – said so on Free Republic!)
Subway (hippies against Twinkies…nuff said)
Victoria’s Secret (what does Victoria know and why won’t she talk?)
World Bazaar & World Bean (both UN conspiracies to overtake the American Way!)

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