Sure, a lot of people will be able to overlook the fact that William M. Todd served as legal council for shady groups like Common Sense 2006/Common Sense Ohio and Citizens for a Strong Ohio who attempted to circumvent campaign finance laws and hide the identity of their contributors. He was just doing his job, right?

But don’t you think OUR Mayor ought to be a lifelong resident? Or at least, well, maybe a resident for more than 2 years?

I do.

And William Todd isn’t.

According to the information he provided with his campaign contributions, Mr. Todd didn’t move to Columbus until 2005. Before that he lived in Powell and, before that, Worthington. Both are nice towns- with their own Mayors. Maybe Bill should run there?

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, on the other hand, has been an active participant in Columbus city government for 15 years- serving on the City Council from 1992 to 1999 (Council President from 97 to 99) and as Mayor since 2000.