William Todd, the dirtbag republican lawyer and Republican candidate for Columbus, Ohio mayor is at it again- this time he’s trying to blame Mayor Mike Coleman for the crappy state of the City Center mall downtown.

According to Todd, “City Center is the world’s biggest aboveground cavern” and “Democratic Mayor Michael Coleman has done little to stop stores and shoppers from fleeing.”

Never mind the waves of new housing construction in downtown Columbus in the middle of the faltering US housing market.

Never mind that Columbus is one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities rated one of Money Magazine’s Top Ten Places to Live.

Never mind that $1.72 billion was invested in the downtown area between 2001 and 2004, including the new $150 million, 800,000 square foot Nationwide Arena and the $85 million expansion and renovation of the Greater Columbus Convention Center- all during Coleman’s run as Mayor.

Never mind all that!

That’s not the way Bill Todd plays politics.

He’s rather blame his opponent (or his opponent’s wife!) than actually talk about his own record. Probably because his record doesn’t exist.

  • Wait. Shouldn’t Bill Todd be applauding the wonderous free market and suburban growth? He wants a government official to stop such free market forces?

    Sounds a bit unlike Republican talking points to me. That’s a carpetbagger for ya. Coming into the city and telling those who’ve been there how it’s done.

    Love that he calls it an “aboveground cavern”. Doesn’t that cancel out? Mathematically that’s like he only said half the BS he really did.

    Someone should ask Bill about the third floor.

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