From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 15, 2007

from the UK we present Ankle Injuries by Fujiya & Miyagi:

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The flap over expensive haircuts has not been adequately dealt with and in my view has gotten out of hand and will eventually do big harm to the Edwards campaign unless it is handled in a forceful, creative, and aggressive way.

John Edwards should get his head shaved – on national TV – by Lance Armstrong – to raise money for cancer research.

Does 3 things:

1. Steals the news cycle in a big way and gets some shine
2. Ties into something everyone cares about: a cancer cure
3. Allows him for months to say […]

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A tribute to the recently departed Jerry Falwell. May he rest in whatever peace his life’s work has afforded him:

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Jerry Falwell died today. Some of you might think the title of this post is harsh. You’d be wrong. He spread hate and fear. He opposed our right to freedom of religion. He supported the pro-Apartheid South African government in the mid-1980s – and claimed minorities there agreed with him. A few of Jerry Falwell’s greatest hits:

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, Falwell said on the 700 Club, “I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, […]

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Matt uses Bill Todd’s recent “tear down that mall” comment as a jumping off point to toss veiled racism around. Aside: can we stop with the Ronnie pimpin’ already? Bill is jumping up and down and blaming Coleman for the demise of City Center and is using the blame game to score political points. Matt does as well, and tosses in a bit of veiled racism:

For those of you who haven’t had the displeasure of being inside the City Center Mall, you should be glad you haven’t wasted your time. Well over half of the stores inside are closed […]

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Sure, a lot of people will be able to overlook the fact that William M. Todd served as legal council for shady groups like Common Sense 2006/Common Sense Ohio and Citizens for a Strong Ohio who attempted to circumvent campaign finance laws and hide the identity of their contributors. He was just doing his job, right?

But don’t you think OUR Mayor ought to be a lifelong resident? Or at least, well, maybe a resident for more than 2 years?

I do.

And William Todd isn’t.

According to the information he provided with his campaign contributions, Mr. […]

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William Todd, the dirtbag republican lawyer and Republican candidate for Columbus, Ohio mayor is at it again- this time he’s trying to blame Mayor Mike Coleman for the crappy state of the City Center mall downtown.

According to Todd, “City Center is the world’s biggest aboveground cavern” and “Democratic Mayor Michael Coleman has done little to stop stores and shoppers from fleeing.”

Never mind the waves of new housing construction in downtown Columbus in the middle of the faltering US housing market.

Never mind that Columbus is one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities rated one of Money Magazine’s […]

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Jerid has a post up today about the final parting shot of the Culture of Corruption in the ousted statewides. You won’t see it on any “conservative” blogs because…well, you can figure that much out. Moral relativism and intellectual dishonesty abounds!

…the disgraced administration of Gov. Bob Taft left office last year not with a sober flush of humility but with a final flash of gold-plated entitlement, soaking taxpayers for more than $75,000 to help dozens of outgoing political appointees polish their resumes and find new jobs.

$25 below the threshold to go before the controlling board. Heh. These […]

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Did anyone see this in the conservative main stream media? (Of course you didn’t)

In a May 3 article, the Anamosa Journal-Eureka (Jones County, Iowa) reported: “Deb and Jerry VonSprecken of Olin received a call from former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s campaign office asking them if they would be interested in holding a campaign rally on May 4, after she had donated to his campaign.” According to the article, the VonSpreckens, who “have a modest 80 acre farm and raise cattle,” agreed to the proposal and prepared for a 75-100 person rally. However, according to Deb VonSprecken, the […]

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Columbia, SC?A 20 ft. mobile billboard will circle the University of South Carolina?s GOP Presidential debate with the words, ?Republicans, Mission Accomplished?? and ?McCain, Mission Accomplished?? The billboard, sponsored by the Americans Against Escalation in Iraq coalition and the South Carolina Young Democrats will be unveiled at a press conference earlier that day.

Crazy kids. Gotta love the old mobile billboard routine. The only time you ever WISH to get stuck in traffic is driving one of these things.

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Eric sent me this – a tremendous goal by the Argentinian wonderkid Messi for Barcelona. Thought it worth sharing.

Messi Acting As A Maradona!!The most amazing videos are a click away

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