musick.jpgIn 2000 the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (eCOT), a Columbus based charter school, became “the first electronic charter school in the nation to graduate students”. That same year Coletta Musick, superintendent of eCOT, was paid $124,233 and forced to quit her job because of extremely poor performance.

Jump ahead to 2005 and Ms. Musick is back- now as a
major contributor to Ohio Republicans
: $2,500 to the Ohio House Republican Campaign Committee and another $2500 to Speaker Husted.

In 2006 she gave even more: $5K to the Ohio House Republican Campaign Committee, $2.5K to Jim Petro, $2.5K to the Republican Senate Campaign Committee, $2K to Mary Taylor and another five hundred bucks to Husted.

How, you may be asking yourself, is this failed school superintendent able to contribute so much money to Republican politicians in Ohio?

Good question- and also relevant, since it leads us back to the Virtual Community School (VCS) of Ohio , the so-called cyber-charter-school mentioned in my earlier post.

Reviewing the financial statements for VCS reveals even more interesting facts like:

1. The Superintendent of the Virtual Community School of Ohio is Mr. Donnie P. Musick- husband of Coletta Musick.

2. During fiscal year 2006, VCS paid a company called eSchool consultants $3,673,257 (yes, that’s over THREE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS!!!).

3. Coletta Musick is the president of eSchool Consultants!

Now- I’m not saying anything inappropriate or illegal is going on here- but is certainly does seem fishy…

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  • Wait, isn’t VCS non-profit? Or supposed to be?

    This is really interesting. Funny how the same players keep popping up. The website lists someone else as the super now. Guess they sensed someone was going to put 2 and 2 together.

  • John

    Coletta Musick runs Focus Learning Academy. It has a contract with Eschool consultants. She is milking the system again.

    Eschool overcharges the schools it supports. And that is not hard when you are in “bed” with the people who run the schools.

    You can’t buy 4 office buildings in Columbus, a house in Hawaii, a house for yourself and a house for your son in 1 year’s time if you are not milking the system.

  • Becky
  • Who the hell builds/buys a $2.2 Million home in Circleville?!

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