From the daily archives: Saturday, May 12, 2007

No wonder the kiddos were out in such force! The week before was National Charter Schools Week. Silly.

George says:

Because they are not bound by many regulatory requirements, charter schools have the flexibility to innovate in ways that will best meet students’ academic needs.

Yes. Innovations. Some of these innovations include the ability to cart kids down to the statehouse and use them as political pawns. It also apparently includes – if I’m hearing right – assigning letter writing campaigns to kids as homework. Letters that, uh…support “school choice” of course!

I’d really like to see proof […]

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The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee approved a plan recently to move fleet fuel economy averages to 35 MPG from the current 25.

The dinosaur auto industry – ever slow to embrace change – was not happy. The thing they don’t get is that there is a reason the Prius had such long waiting lists (up to a year back in 2005). Demand. Consumers want both economy (more miles for your gas dollar) and ecology (less environmental footprint). Barack Obama nailed it in a recent speech when he addressed the issue:

?For years, while foreign competitors were […]

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