The big news a couple days ago (catching my breath from the weekend, yes!) was that Rudy gave money to Planned Parenthood.

[collective right-wing gasp]

This might turn out to be one of those primary/general paradoxes. The state of the takeover by the religious right of the Republican Party almost dictates you take a more hardline position on abortion than this. However, once you get to the general election, this is the most principled position to have and one that I’d be willing to bet the majority of American’s would support.

This is a good oppo hit by primary opponents and is the perfect issue in a Republican primary to hit on. Given the candidates that are in the lead, the winner is almost certainly going to have to flip flop around on this one in order to win the primary and be able to do any damage at all in the general.

I hope to see Rudy stick with his very principled position. He, along with all of us males, will only ever be in an advisory role in the decision to have an abortion or not. It is the way the biological cards were dealt. Having an opinion doesn’t mean you get to force it upon another. It’s called individual liberty.

Brian earlier pointed to a very poignant post. It’s worth looking at again to remind us there is no black/white in this. This is a human issue that can’t be distilled into rigid dogma or legislative rules.

Stand your ground on this one, Rudy. Supporting abortion rights and being against it personally are not mutually exclusive. I’ve actually never met someone who was “pro-abortion”. The position doesn’t exist. It was created to demonize those who would protect a woman’s right to decide whether or not to carry a child to term.

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