As the ‘school choice’ debate moves over to the state senate, advocates brought hundreds of children of all ages to the state house this afternoon to promote their pro-charter-school agenda.

It’s bad enough these for-profit schools are sucking away money from our public schools- but today they showed just how far they are willing to go to stay in business: taking hundreds of children out of school for a whole day, bussing them to the state capital, dressing them up in ‘i support school choice’ t-shirts and buttons, and using them as political pawns.

It’s obvious these people don’t give a shit about our kids- only the state money that comes along with them.

On a side note: I also saw a group of women from the Ohio Virtual Academy – a for-profit ‘cybercharter’ school. I did not, however, see any of their students. I guess, maybe, they will learn about the rally later- when they check their email.

School-Choice Busses

School-Choice Kids