As the ‘school choice’ debate moves over to the state senate, advocates brought hundreds of children of all ages to the state house this afternoon to promote their pro-charter-school agenda.

It’s bad enough these for-profit schools are sucking away money from our public schools- but today they showed just how far they are willing to go to stay in business: taking hundreds of children out of school for a whole day, bussing them to the state capital, dressing them up in ‘i support school choice’ t-shirts and buttons, and using them as political pawns.

It’s obvious these people don’t give a shit about our kids- only the state money that comes along with them.

On a side note: I also saw a group of women from the Ohio Virtual Academy – a for-profit ‘cybercharter’ school. I did not, however, see any of their students. I guess, maybe, they will learn about the rally later- when they check their email.

School-Choice Busses

School-Choice Kids

  • Before you decide, think about it this way: what if Columbus Public Schools sent all of THEIR students, on public school busses, with t-shirts purchased with public-school dollars, to the state house to participate in a political rally?

    Would you feel any different then?

  • The tshirts were purchased by parents with their own money, not public funds. The future of these students depends on the educational options that the parents have available to them–if they are left only with the choice of a failing public school, the children will fail. I think one day out of school is worth advocating for what is best for their future. One sized education does not fit all! Parents should have the option to choose what is best for their child.

  • Dear Santa,

    Who chartered the buses to cart the kids down? Ask yourself why the public schools might be failing. Could it be partly due to money being siphoned off by White Hat & Co.?

    So you’d support public schools loading up yellow buses and heading down to the statehouse with T-shirts (bought by their parents) that say “Support Strong Public Education”. My guess is this would be a waste of taxpayer money outrage from the right.

    I agree one size does NOT fit all, but that is more curriculum than it is school. Parents should have the knowledge that their tax dollars are being spent wisely to educate all children and that their school will perform. We don’t accomplish this by taking money and resources away so rich kids (and lucky scholarship or grant recipients) can flourish while the poor wallow in mediocrity.

    Using these kids as pawns is an outrage and the schools should be fined.

  • If charter schools were actually teaching kids something- and performing better than public schools- you might have a point.

    At least we might be able to learn a lesson from the charter schools that could help us improve the public schools.

    But the truth is most charter schools are doing a crappy job compared to public schools.

    19.0% of Charter Schools are in Academic Watch status and 31.0% are in Academic Emergency. Compare that to 5.5% and 4.1% for public schools.

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